Auction Software Item Page Features

Current bid
The current highest bid is displayed prominently

Bidders Username
The current lead bidder(s) is displayed along with their feedback rating and link to their profile.

Sellers Details
Displays seller’s username, feedback rating as well as location and registration date as well as a link to their profile.

Time left
Amount of time left to run on the auction is displayed.

Item Location
The location of the item is displayed.

Make an offer
If selected by the seller the buyer can use the available option to make an offer on the item.

Ask seller a question
Potential bidders can ask the seller a question directly from the item details page. All messages are managed via the members’ area.

Other items for sale
Browsers can easily lookup other items for sale from the same seller

Send Auction to a friend
Users can send details of any auction to their friends via the item details page.

Watch this item
Bidders can add any item to their "Watch List" which they can track from inside the members’ area.

Item Description
The item description is fully displayed along with any available pictures and media.

The sellers accepted payment methods are clearly displayed below the item description

Shipping instructions
Before bidding users can check the sellers’ postage instructions to see how much postage they will have to pay.

Auction counter
The number of hits each auction has received is displayed.

Proxy Bidding
Buyers can place a maximum bid on items, the software will then automatically re-bid for them should their bid be overtaken by a rival bidder.

Place a bid
At the top and bottom of each item details page a bidding box is displayed allowing buyers to place a bid quickly and easily.