Auction Listing Features

Easy category selection - Sellers can easily select the right category for their item.

Where to list - Users with a store can select whether to list their new item in their store, auction only or both (available if seller has an active store)

Item title - Sellers can enter their own item title

Custom Fields - Sellers can enter their selection for any custom fields. Custom fields can be setup via the admin area and allow you to customise the item listing process. If an auctioneer targets towards a specific marketplace fields can be added relevant to that market. For example a car auction site would be able to easily add fields to request the seller to confirm the engine size, car age, colour and mileage etc.

Auto-Relist - Sellers can select whether or not to have their item automatically re-listed, they can select whether the item is listed if sold, un-sold and also how many times the items should be re-listed.

Vouchers - Users with a voucher can redeem it during the listing process.

Item descriptions - Sellers can use HTML or plain text in their item description or enjoy the benefit of our new WYSIWYG editor.

Custom Start & End Time - Sellers can choose to list right away or choose a custom start time for their item. A custom end time can also be set.

HTML Editor - Create HTML listings directly through our system with our built in WYSIWYG editor

Picture upload or remote hosting - Sellers can upload pictures of their items to be displayed next to their listing.  Users can also choose to use remotely hosted images with their auction

Media upload - In addition to images users can upload one media file (.wmv/.avi)

Quick or Full Listing - Sellers in a hurry can select the "Quick Listing" option which removes all of the non-mandatory fields from the listing process.

Two types of Listing - Sellers can sell in standard auction format or Dutch format which is ideal when listing several of the same items in a single listing.

Reserve price - Sellers can add a reserve price to their auction.

Buy It Now - Sellers can enter a Buy It Now price.

Listing enhancements - Sellers can enhance their listing by:-

  • Featuring on the home page
  • Featuring on the category page
  • Adding bold text
  • Adding a highlighted colour band

These extras are charged.

Auction duration - The seller can select how long the auction should run for.

Private Auction - Sellers can choose to hide the ID of the bidders on their auction

Auction currency - Sellers can select which currency the item should be sold in

Swap Offers - The seller can choose whether or not to accept swap offers on their item

Postage/Shipping - Our system features an advanced postage system.  The seller can select who should pay for the postage costs and whether or not they will post worldwide.  They can also enter specific postage costs and services.

Listing Drafts - On completion of the listing process the seller can save the listing as a draft. Drafts are saved in the member’s area and the seller can retrieve these at any time and list or edit them.

Sell similar item - List a similar item to your other auctions easily via the members’ area

Payment methods - Sellers can select which payment methods they accept.  The corresponding methods are then displayed on the item details page.