Auction Software Interface Features

Advanced Search facility
The advanced search facility enables users to search for items by:-

  • Keywords (item title and description)
  • Items with reserve price
  • Items listed with buy it now
  • Items with swap enabled
  • By country/zip code
  • By seller
  • By buyer
  • By store

Feedback System
Users can leave feedback for each other.  The feedback system is "tick" based allowing users to rate other members by choosing a suitable tick rating (1-5).  Coloured stars also automatically appear next to a username whenever they reach a new feedback number. You can also easily setup custom feedback fields for additional feedback ratings.

Easy Category Browsing
Our system features a clearly laid out category browsing system, enabling the user to go directly to their chosen auction hall.

Help & F-A-Q Pages
User help and F-A-Q text already built into the system.  The help and F-A-Q pages can be easily updated or even removed via the admin area.

Proxy (auto) bidding system
Buyers can place a maximum bid on items, the software will then automatically re-bid for them should their bid be overtaken by a rival bidder.

Buy It Now
Sellers can accept Buy It Now offers.

Make an offer
Buyers can now make offers on listed items; this new feature allows potential buyers to make an offer to the seller if the item has not received any bids. The seller can select whether or not to accept such offers and also set the price range they are will listen offers between.

Item Swap
Our system includes Item Swapping.  The seller has the option to choose whether or not they want to accept swap offers.  If they do buyers have the option to propose a swap deal instead of a bid.  The seller then has the option to either accept the swap deal or reject it and continue the live auction.

Users can select if they want to receive your web-sites newsletter. 

Ask Seller a Question
Potential bidders can ask the seller a question directly.

User Stores
Users can open their own eBay type stores, upload their company logo and display all their open auctions

An anti-sniping feature is built in. This can be enabled or disabled via the admin area.

News Display
Easily updateable news items are displayed on the home page